✔ Monthly Traffic Reports

✔ 10 Keywords Implementation

✔ Website Content Review & Editing

✔ 4 Months SEO Optimization

Ksh 35,000


✔ Monthly Traffic Reports

✔ 20 Keywords Implementation

✔ Website Content Review & Editing

✔ Image Optimization

✔ Web Pages Editing

✔ Improve site loading speed

✔ Write SEO-enabled articles 

✔ 8 Months SEO Optimization

Ksh 70,000


✔ Monthly Traffic Reports

✔ Unlimited Keywords Implementation

✔ Website Content Review & Editing

✔ Image Optimization

✔ Web Pages Editing

✔ Improve site loading speed

✔Write SEO-enabled articles 

✔ 12 Months SEO Optimization

Ksh 90,000

SEO advertising agency in Kenya

We are experts in ranking your website higher on the Google search engine. We understand what it takes to reach the 1st Google page.

We ensure your content online is up to date and continuously updated.

We post for you on all your social media platforms and continuously update content.

Nairobi Digital Hub is one of the best SEO companies in Kenya. What makes our strategies likable to customers is that we work on your website until you start seeing real results and conversions. We walk the talk by ensuring we implement content and keywords to your website content to ensure you climb there on the search engines. SEO is a great investment in your business since many people just leave their websites without working on improving search results and this affects them in a great way because the website will never sell anything if the owner does not utilize other strategies like Google Adwords and running Facebook ads and influencer marketing campaigns.

SEO is the only freeway you can build a strong online business and not depend on paying companies to market your products. Imagine getting daily search results at the comfort of your business without ever doing anything apart from updating website content once in a while. 

We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

Best SEO Services Company in Nairobi Kenya

I have never seen such a great way to grow your business revenue without having to worry about where the sponsoring money is coming from tomorrow. We run our business mainly by optimizing our website content and that’s why you found this content in the first place.

Many entrepreneurs think that after getting a good website that there will be no other work and that clients will start flowing into your online store or business website to book your services. That’s the greatest lie you can tell yourself as a business owner. The online space is very competitive as we talk now and getting to click your content you must be doing something special to lure them into your website.

The best strategy you can do to get people into your website is by writing good content to solve your visitor’s problems, another one is giving promotions and discounts to your visitors. These strategies will get people into your website and they might buy if you have great offers and competitive services/products.

Writing content consistently to help your audience with solving their underlying problems is one of the greatest way of growing your website’s organic traffic since Google will improve your website position once it sees that you are posting consistently and that people are also engaging with your website content.

We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

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At our agency, we ensure we implement the best strategies to get your website to the first page of Google since that’s where your market is and will always be. Research shows that people rarely go past the first page of Google and this means that few businesses are dominating the market by use of SEO since there are only limited spaces to enter the first page of Google. Like 10 websites excluding sponsored ads can be allowed to showcase their content to search visitors. So, you must be willing to put in the work to get there and overthrow existing websites that are already occupying those spaces.

It is also good to understand that copywriting goes in hand with SEO because when you are creating sales content to attract customers, that’s copywriting. Copywriting is the greatest skill in this field of SEO.

Because we understand online concepts and strategies, that’s why we are proud to call ourselves the best digital marketing agency in Nairobi Kenya. We are the best SEO company in Kenya and take pride in having worked with businesses that are currently ranking on the first page as I publish this content today in January 2022.

Growing online requires adequate discipline to start reaping the results and that does not come easy at all. We understand the work and we want to help you do this. Come and let us help you right away. Our happiness is seeing websites on the first page so that we can use them also to get others to subscribe to our work.

Our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya will provide your website with sustainable organic search engine optimisation. Our passion for SEO means we pride ourselves on providing ethical results, with prooven strategies and techniques. We can target purely Nairobi based locations, national, or even international business.

We understand that getting your search engine optimisation right is vital to your success. We are an SEO company in Kenya clients can trust.


Our leading SEO services are what Nairobi businesses need to boost their online presence and increase their visibility in the search engines -check out our portfolio.


Here at Nairobi Digital Hub Agency, all of our results-driven campaigns are bespoke to suit our clients’ individual needs. We essentially provide affordable SEO services in Nairobi businesses require to stand out amongst the competition – get a free SEO audit. As one of the leading SEO Services Company in Nairobi Kenya, we have an established team of innovative SEO professionals experienced in providing guaranteed search engine optimization campaigns for a wide range of sectors including Service, Healthcare and Ecommerce.

If you are targeting local customers, we can put together a sustainable local strategy to win new customers. Local SEO works differently to national campaigns. Use a Kenyan SEO Company to dominate the local search results and gain more traffic and new customers. We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

Why Use An SEO Company in Kenya?

The main goal of SEO optimization is to improve your site’s rankings in search results. But it goes beyond that, the purpose of achieving high traffic and rankings is to ideally, convert that traffic into potential customers and leads. Among the many benefits of investing in search engine advertising include:

– SEO is that it doesn’t involve paying for ad space. 

                         – Helps you build your brand by enhancing your online presence.

– It helps your target audience find your site

– It boosts your credibility and authority

– It can help you stay ahead of your competitors

Affordable SEO Services in Nairobi Kenya

We’re an affordable SEO services company in Nairobi for Kenyan based companies who need a fast, results driven, digital marketing services.

Our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya provide expert Google optimisation for an affordable monthly cost combined with the best customer support around. Our mission is to be the best value SEO Services Company in nairobi whether promoting your company via local SEO, Kenyan-wide online advertising or even worldwide international digital marketing services.

We have a proven track record and a live portfolio of websites currently ranking on page 1 for their most important keywords in the search results, from sole traders and small companies, to online stores selling throughout the Nairobi, Kenya. Nairobi Digital Hub Agency is a results focused SEO company which means we typically have a big impact upon the companies we work for, and in a relatively short space of time. We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

How We Run Our SEO in Nairobi Kenya Campaigns

1. Research, Planning & Setup

The first step is to complete a full audit of your current website and/or other marketing efforts. We use tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, aHrefsSEMrush and ScreamingFrog to dive deep into the infrastructure of your website. If you have not already signed up for Google Search Console or Google Analytics, then this will be one of the first tasks that we do. We not only analyse your website, but we also take the time to see what your competitors are doing so we can get an edge over them. After we understand your current website in full detail from a technical, content and user perspective and have reviewed competitors, we begin our keyword research. Armed with the keywords we are looking to target, we build a plan on which content to create around the keywords. We build on current assets on your website but also from our competitor research we are able to identify gaps to increase your search rankings. So that your campaign can hit the ground running, our SEO services in Kenya team build dedicated landing pages. They are built to convert and will be fully optimised for the user and Google. We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

2. On-page Optimisation

At the start of the campaign, we usually identify “low hanging fruit” and this tends to be optimising meta descriptions, titles and building the internal link structure. Usually if there are any immediate user experience issues such as slow page speed then this is something that we get to work on quickly.

3. Content Creation.

In SEO content is king. As part of your inbound marketing strategy, you will need great content. This may be in the form of blogs or infographics. You get a limited chance to make an impact once visitors land on your site, you must position yourself as an authority figure. Our SEO services in Nairobi Kenya content marketing team can aid the build of solid content marketing campaign.

4. Link Building

One of the longest standing factors in search results has been to concentrate on acquiring backlinks to your website. Years ago, it was a case of building as many links to your websites as possible disregarding the quality of websites you were linking from. As search engines have advanced, you must build links from quality websites as opposed to building links from spammy websites. The key is not only to build links to websites with a high Domain Authority (DA) but to make sure that those sites are relevant to your industry. We offer reliable link building SEO services in Nairobi Kenya that will greatly impact your rankings.

5. Reporting

We send you easy-to-digest reports at agreed points in time without the confusion. Unlike any other SEO services company in Nairobi Kenya, we avoid using technical language to align with our values of being transparent. We want you to be able to see things clearly so that you can properly understand the results you are getting and what work we put in to get the results.

The speed at which SEO tactics, techniques, and strategies (and their effectiveness) are changing is on a constant incline, and as a result, Google is getting smarter and more powerful at analyzing and understanding web pages, and also ensuring it is effective at keeping people within its framework.  Here are some of the techniques you can use to garner the desired traffic.

  • Improving User Experience Across Your Entire Site.
  • Ensuring your webpages are responsive. Design for mobile-first.
  • Optimizing for voice search
  • Put your attention to topic clusters instead of keywords.
  • Take advantage of Youtube SEO
  • Creating a Diverse Backlink portfolio.
  • Targeting Local Searches and building a Profile within Local Listings
  • Blogging
  • Use of Press Release 
  • Link Building

Our Approach To Search Engine Optimization

As a Nairobi SEO Company, we don’t take a ‘one solution fits all’ approach – our SEO team will design and implement bespoke campaigns for our clients. Many SEO service companies focus on optimising solely for Google.

However, we recognise the need to get the perfect balance between essentially ‘optimising for your customers’ – to ensure that they get the best experience when they visit your site, whilst also increasing your visibility on the search engine results pages. We do web design, website design, ecommerce web design, business web design, booking web design services in Kenya.

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SEO Company in Kenya

Our SEO services in Nairobi are ideal for companies needing fast, direct & white hat search engine optimisation from a trustworthy SEO company in Nairobi and Kenya. We adopt a flexible & affordable approach, so you can use our services for as long as you need us, with no lengthy contracts and we can re-start quickly even if you haven’t used us for months. We keep our clients very happy by improving the presence of each and every website in the search engine results and we provide everything from organic SEO to building & managing Google Adwords accounts (Pay Per Click) plus social media monitoring including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. We report to you each month showing how your website has climbed in the rankings, gaining more traffic & offer advice to help make your website’s & company’s online presence more vivid.


SEO Services in Kenya

We optimise websites quickly & efficiently, with a no nonsense approach and low overheads, which means we’re cheap enough for most businesses. This also means we often see an initial increase in your website’s ranking positions on Google during the first few months giving you the confidence that we’re working hard on your site and that what we are doing is actually making you climb online. We adopt a direct approach & tailor our techniques to suit your business & website specifically. A great deal of our work involves onsite SEO i.e. optimising the actual source code of your website to make it as search engine friendly as possible. Although we do build back links to provide link juice & domain authority, our main focus is ensuring a relevant, healthy & easy to understand website for visitors, Google & Bing. We use the latest advanced SEO reporting software tools to identify online marketing opportunities & to quickly improve visitor levels.

Affordable SEO in Kenya Packages

Get the most effective and affordable digital marketing service in town – Nairobi, Mombasa and other towns in Kenya. Our SEO prices start from Ksh. 5, 000 + VAT per month and we tailor our services to suit your business marketing budget to try and give you the best ROI. So whether your website needs organic SEO, or Adwords (PPC) assistance, we’re here to help. We’re available to answer your questions and to support you even at the weekends ! We pride ourselves on giving a fantastic level of customer service and have helped many businesses increase their online presence by making their websites go up onto page 1 organically and bolster this where required with targeted Adwords campaigns (PPC) marketing. You can see below some examples of our clients’ websites which are currently on page 1.