Best Facebook Advertising Agency in Kenya 2023


Facebook advertising is the art of placing your business online on the Facebook social media so that online users or social media users can see and interact with it.

Placing your business online presents a lot of opportunities since in the 21st century most people are online and ready to make purchases. This is a greater opportunity for business people since they can have a ready market for their products.

In order for your business to be seen by many people who are already online, you need to be consistent with marketing and advertising the business to your target audience.

Creating successful Facebook ads requires a marketing expertise in order everything right so that you do not waste your money running ads the wrong way.

We have created this great article to help you know the best Facebook advertising agencies in Nairobi Kenya that could help your business with Facebook marketing and getting online clients from Facebook.

These Facebook agencies are:

1. Nairobi Digital Hub Agency; Facebook advertising

Nairobi Digital Hub Agency comes first in our list of Facebook agencies in Kenya.

This is both a web design and digital marketing agency located in Nairobi Kenya. They build professional websites and assists you with marketing hat website to enable you to start making sales from day one of publishing your website.

Their contact details are:

Phone: +254726529055


Main website: