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We have generated over Kes 1,200,000 in revenue to our clients using Facebook ads, we know to scale up with Facebook ads.

 Nairobi Digital Hub is the best Facebook advertising agency in Nairobi Kenya.

We create high professional Facebook ads and posts to ensure people buy whatever you are selling. We help you with coming up with competitive offers that will ensure people do not skip and automatically feel a need to purchase. We also ensure that your products have a well-written sales copy that will outline the major key components of your advert and enlighten people who do not know you or your business. We have run many Facebook advertising tests and gained a lot of experience in knowing what works and what does not work.

We want to share with you this experience so that you do not lose advertising money without any meaningful returns on investment. We have spent more than Ksh 400,000 on Facebook advertising for both our business and our client’s businesses, so when we tell you to want to do we fully understand what we are actually saying. 


We guarantee results through our campaigns on Facebook. We ensure that you generate sales and boost conversion rates using a single Ad Campaign.

We help with defining the target audience and interests of the prospects who might buy your products.

We communicate with the owner of the Facebook page to determine what he/she hopes to achieve.

We choose if it’s engagement, website traffic, likes, comments, or messages that a client is eyeing.

We design high-quality Facebook advertising to keep making you money every single day even when you decide not to work.

Facebook advertising ensure you are always selling to new and old customers without struggling as the Facebook algorithm does everything for you.

We craft irresistible offers to force prospects to click no matter what.

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We can also design a landing page for your products page which will convert 95% of the prospects who click the ad link. 

Many new business owners make lots of mistakes when going online and this greatly affects their financial state because running advertising campaigns that are not getting you sales and bookings is a waste of time and resources. That is why we like to help you with your business campaigns management because we have experience in this and we have done it many times and thus we understand what really works and what does not work. Facebook advertising in Kenya requires a lot of keyword research to determine which keywords will best suit your campaign online and not waste your money of crappy Facebook ads. A good Facebook ads campaign requires you come up with a list of keywords that could bring in leads without spending too much on Facebook advertising. Keywords with high search volume and cost per click is low  are the most ideal ones and you should choose these keywords and place them in your headline and description section of your Facebook ad campaign.

We have many successful Facebook ads campaigns and let me tell you, we failed at first because there were things we were not doing correctly. 

Now, why waste more money of running Facebook advertising and yet we can implement them for you and show you the same mistakes we encountered so that you do not find yourself in the same space like us when we were just starting out.

We are the best facebook marketing agency in Nairobi Kenya. We help businesses like yours to grow using paid Facebook ads which run on a good budget in order to get the best ROI.

We have achieved a lot for us and our clients using Facebook ads especially for physical products businesses in Kenya. We are always happy to see our clients make more profits online with Facebook and other online advertising channels.

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